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hd video | rt 30:55 | 2014

We are here together to talk about the Haitian contribution
In affairs of poetic thought
We are here together to talk about the Haitian contribution to dreams.
We are here together today
To talk about the Haitian contribution to the affairs of the night.
We are here together.

Who can doubt the religious origins of theatre?
Can we consider that voodoo, like all cultural ceremonies, is a pre-theatre?
Where the grand priest, the Houngan sanctifier, replaces the main player, the voodoo follower, with his communion, his participation, his possessive crisis
Therefore, acting, as a spectator, committed by his actions to the ceremony that he is watching.


When sleeping, if you dream of a girl, a little girl, you must play the number 31.
It might be that the number comes out in the lottery on the same day.
If it is not the same day, it might be over the following days.
If you continue to play the same number, you will hopefully win one day.
If you dream of a boy, you must play 02/20. An adult man is 02/20
A little boy, 02/20 or 12/21.

Nocturne was shot over 10 days (mostly at night), while thinking about material and poetic transformation—in dreams, in darkness, through objects or ideas—in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During this time I was hosted by the Quatre Chemins Festival, whose collaborators became an important part of the project. Daphne Menard, appears in Nocturne singing a traditional Haitian song about a young man who goes off to buy coffee and is arrested by police. Guy Regis Junior's mother, an assiduous lottery player, describes her lottery dreams and the common system for deciphering their codes. Two young theater students, from ENARTS, Port-au-Prince's art school, rehearse a speech, written for the occasion.

Commissioned by CAPC-Bordeaux as part of Ce qui ne sert pas s'oublie curated by Catalina Lozano