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Black Beach/Horse/Camp/The Dead/Forces, 2016

16mm / black and white / silent / 8 minutes

Black Beach/Horse/Camp/The Dead/Forces was all shot in Vieques, Puerto Rico—an island that was used as a bombing range by the US Navy in Puerto Rico for 60 years, and that for the past 10 has been fighting for its decontamination.

The film weaves together images of a man who cares for horses that roam the old target range; a black magnetite beach that is slowly eroding, an artist who has helped to resurrect a sacred tree which was once within the Navy’s gates and who has herself resurrected from illness more than once, a man who hopes his ritual movements return the island of Vieques to a cosmic balance—all of these are intertwined— land, toxic bomb, political work, celebration and death.

Excerpt here >>>> https://vimeo.com/165326156

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