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Talk: Apofenia entre escombros, parte de El Fantasma, la sombra una serie de charlas organizadas por Catalina Lozano. Esta se llevó a cabo en el Museo Experimental El Eco el 5 de diciembre del 2017

Exhibition: Cale Cale Cale Caale!!! en Tabakalera (San Sebastián de Donostia) hasta el 4 de febrero de 2018

Text: The Littoral in Hearings, the online journal of / Contour Biennale

Text: I'm going to describe a ritual, Scrolldiving/ TLTRPreß [Seth Ferris and Javier Fresneda]

Exhibition: A Universe of Fragile Mirrors, January 10-May 15, El Museo del Barrio, NY

Exhibition: 2017 Whitney Biennial, Screenings on May 6th and 7th

Exhibition: Contour Biennale: Polyphonic Worlds, Justice as Medium, Nov 3- Mayo 21, Mechelen Belgium

Exhibition: Their Movements Retain the Light of the Sun at St.Paul Gallery, AUT, Auckland NZ

Exhibition: MOUTHER at the Institute for New Connotative Action in Seattle

Exhibition: With wounds of clarity, with wounds of dust, Signal [Center for Contemporary Art] in Malmö

Radio: Miracle Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, October 8

Black Beach/Horse/Camp/The Dead/Forces

Installation, Song Strategy Sign, New Museum May/June 2016